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This website has been meticulously developed to enhance the performance and productivity of your devices, including iPhones, phones, and tablets.

Important Legal Notice

Before proceeding, it is crucial to understand that this website incorporates certain functions that may be deemed illegal in some jurisdictions. Please take a moment to review the legal terms and conditions outlined below.

User Responsibilities

1. Compliance with Local Laws

Recommendation: Check your local laws before utilizing any part or the entirety of our website.

2. Function Legality

Advisory: Do not use this web if any of its functions are considered illegal in your country.

Strong Condemnation: We vehemently oppose the use of our website for any kind of illegal activity.

3. User Accountability

You, as the user, are solely responsible for any illegal acts or harm caused by the use of this website.

Take full responsibility for legal issues, including but not limited to security threats, arising from the use of this web or any of its functions.

4. ESN, MEID, and IMEI Changing

Prohibition: Changing Electronic Serial Number (ESN), Mobile Equipment Identifier (MEID), and International Mobile Station Equipment Identity (IMEI) is illegal.

Clarification: These functions are provided on the web solely for recovering or repairing original ESN, MEID, and IMEI lost due to software or technical faults. The mentioned identifiers must be documented on the Purchase Bill, Box, and Phone Back Label.

Disclaimer of Responsibility

We, the Softsoln.com Team Members, Coders, Distributors, and Resellers, along with any person related to Production and Marketing, cannot be held responsible for any misuse of this website or its functions. This includes any other functions available on this website that may be considered illegal by your local law.


If you have any doubts about the use of this website, it is strongly recommended to consult your local law agency before proceeding.

License Agreement

If you do not agree to our License Agreement, kindly don't use it and remove all copies of this software immediately from all digital media under your ownership or in use.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Softsoln.com Team

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